Prayer Card Order Form

We’ve created this guide to help you organize the information you would like to have included on your prayer cards. This is a starting point with information that missionaries typically include. You can replace the example information with your own, so feel free to add or subtract to it. When you place your order, you can upload this document along with your photos, instead of entering your content on the product page if you prefer.

Check out our FAQ page if you have questions on our process and turnaround times.


Note: The last step in preparation for your order is to get a high-resolution family photo, along with any other photos you would like for us to include. We prefer an uncropped version of your family photo. Don’t have any location photos? No problem! We have a large stock library to pull from and can include some in your designs.

Instructions: You can upload your images on the product page when you upload this document. If you have more than one photo, read on FAQ on how to upload more than one image. If your images are over 30MB, you can use one of the other methods to send us a link to your images.


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