Mailing: 1st Class vs. NonProfit

Here’s the Lowdown on Timelines and Costs Associated with NonProfit Mailing:

It’s common to think because your organization is a nonprofit agency, nonprofit mail is the obvious choice. The cost savings of nonprofit postage rates is definitely a huge factor. First Class can be three times the cost of Nonprofit. But the difference in delivery time is just as much. NONPROFIT PRINTING AND MAILING jobs need to be allowed 20-25 business days to arrive at the recipient’s door.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) will not guarantee specific delivery times. However, here are some guidelines:

First Class* = Up to 2-4 business days
Standard* = Up to 2-15 business days
Nonprofit* = Up to 2-15 business days

It’s true, I’ve received a mail piece within 2 days of mail drop—even using Nonprofit. Timing can depend on how busy USPS is at drop mail time and the amount of mail in production. During a very busy mailing periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holidays for example), First Class will be handled first, then Presort Standard, and lastly Nonprofit.

Clients have to weigh delivery times against cost. And if a mailing MUST be received in homes within a short time frame—more importantly than any cost savings in postage—First Class is the best way to ensure that.

*Based on Letter-size mail piece weighing up to 1 ounce with 3-digit/5-digit discounts, inkjet barcodes, minimum 500 pieces, and mail drop at USPS Sectional Center Facility (SCF).

Postage costs are determined by size, weight and thickness of the mailpiece, as well as the class of service (First Class, Standard or Nonprofit) and quantity of the mailing. D Media can help you qualify for automation discounts by sorting and barcoding your mail project, as well as adhering to other postal service requirements. Bar coding each piece and dropping it at a USPS SCF location can save time over dropping the pieces at a local post office.

For a USPS pricing calculator that can you help determine Domestic Business direct mail postage costs, visit

*Note: This information is subject to change without notice.