7 Products You Might Not Know We Sell

When you think of Mission Marketing & Advertising, the first products that come to mind are probably what we print on paper, but we offer much more than that! Here are 7 products you might not know we sell. 

Napkins – That’s right, we sell custom event napkins! These products are a great add-on for your event invitations because they can match them directly with invitations and other event décor. Personalized napkins are also an excellent way to add branding to catered events or bar tables.

Promotional Products – We don’t just sell printed paper – we also sell a wide variety of promotional products! From pens to key fobs, promotional products are a great way to reinforce your marketing campaigns.

Bookmarks – Bookmarks are a popular promotional item for organizations that work with schools or libraries, and they are available from Mission Marketing!

Trading Cards – From promotional use to a creative way to introduce your customer’s employees to clients, trading cards are a creative promotional piece that can be as practical as it is fun. 

ADA-Compliant Signage – You might be familiar with our full color signage options, but did you know that we carry stock signage for your customers that need to make their facilities ADA-compliant? These signage options make it easy to make any building more accessible.

Event Tickets – Mission Marketing event tickets are a great way to sell entry to events, but they can be used for much more including use as raffles for organization fundraisers. These tickets can even come numbered, making it easy to keep track of the number of event attendees.

Wall Decals – While you might know that we sell traditional signage, you might not know that we sell a wide variety of wall and window decals that can be used in unconventional settings. Whether you need a way to display hours in a window or want to add information to your walls, wall decals are a solution that can be applied to almost any flat surface.

These products are just some of the ways that we are working to be your one-stop shop for all your Marketing needs.

Do you have a favorite product from us? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.